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Date Title Scripture Speaker
  4/2/2017 "Why, Peter?"

Luke 5:1-7 Doug Frazier
3/26/2017 Youth Sunday (Youth Testimonials)

Youth-led Worship; testimonials by Shannon, Dax and Laura.

Matthew 5:13-16 Shannon, Dax & Laura
3/19/2017 It's Shocking to Serve

John 13:1, 4-5, 15 Doug Frazier
3/12/2017 CARE for Others' Spiritual Condition

John 4:3-40 Doug Frazier
3/5/2017 We Grow Together (2)

2 Corinthians 4:2 Doug Frazier
2/26/2017 We Grow Together(1)

Romans 12:4-5 Doug Frazier
2/19/2017 Accelerating Your Spiritual Growth

Hebrews 10:24-25 Doug Frazier
2/12/2017 Baptist Women's Day

Baptist Women's Day; testimonials by Jennifer Blend & Rebekah Knapp

Matthew 5:38-48 Jennifer Blend, Rebekah Knapp
2/5/2017 Don't Be Afraid

Matthew 14:22-33 Doug Frazier
1/29/2017 A Blast from the Past

Baptist Men's Day

Matthew 5:1-12 Lon Enloe
1/22/2017 If I Had It To Do Over

Proverbs 3:5-6 and John 10:10 Doug Frazier
1/15/2017 Power of Hope

John 1:29-42 Garrett Wolf
1/8/2017 It's Not About Me

Dr. Dee Witten, NorthStar Church Network

Matthew 3:13-17 Dr. Dee Witten
12/25/2016 A New Beginning

Luke 2:1-20 Dean Majette
12/18/2016 A New Walk

Matthew 1:18-25 Dean Majette
12/11/2016 A New Joy

The Third Sunday in Advent

Matthew 11:2-11 Dean Majette
11/27/2016 The Promise of Something New

First Sunday in Advent

Matthew 24:36-44 Dean Majette
11/20/2016 The Prayer of a Thief

Luke 23:33-43 Dean Majette
11/13/2016 Message

Luke 21:5-19 Steve Hagan
11/6/2016 God's Whatever

Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 20: 27-38 Dean Majette
10/30/2016 A Glorious Inheritance

24th Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 19: 1-11 Dean Majette
10/23/2016 Will We Keep the Faith?

23rd Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 18:9-14 Dean Majette
10/16/2016 Interim Pastor Search

Update on the Interim Pastor Search

Guest Speaker
10/16/2016 The Power of Prayer

22nd Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 18:1-8 Dean Majette
10/9/2016 When Jesus Is All You've Got

21st Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 17: 11-19 Dean Majette
10/4/2016 Lord, Increase Our Faith

20th Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 17:5-10 Dean Majette
9/25/2016 The Sin of Doing Nothing

19th Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 16:19-31 Dean Majette
9/18/2016 Considering an Interim Pastor

18th Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 16:1-13 Dee Whitten
9/11/2016 Surviving a Merry-Go-Round Life

17th Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 15:1-10 Dean Majette
9/4/2016 Free, But Not Cheap

16th Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 14:25-33 Dean Majette