Discovery Class

Discovery Class Starting February 2017

A bible study class for co-ed adults who wish to spend time discovering the Bible.

  • Meeting Place: Fellowship Hall, Room 104 at 9:45.a.m.
  • Teachers: Dan Hough (M.Div., John Leland Center)
  • Contact Info: or phone 571-359-9201

Tentative Schedule of Topics and Discussions (8 to 10 weeks):

Week 1
Summary of the material and nature of the study. Goals and questions. What is the Bible (video#1*)? As God’s spoken and written word; as a book of faith.

Week 2
Intro to the Old Testament (video#2*). Genesis thru Deuteronomy (i.e., the Law). Where did the Hebrew people come from? Themes: patriarchs, Passover and covenant.

Week 3
Historical narrative. What is the historical context? (time line presentation#1).

  • Joshua thru 2 Samuel – How did the Hebrews develop as a nation? Themes: judges and conquest
  • 1 Kings thru 2 Chronicles – What happened to them? Themes: kings and captivity
  • Ezra – Esther – How did they recover? Themes: return and rebuilding

Week 4
Wisdom literature (i.e., The Writings). Poetry, praise and pragmatism. Job thru Song of Songs. Sustained by the presence and truth of God (group activity#1).

Week 5
Prophetic writings. Major and minor prophets. How to read from a prophet. Isaiah thru Malachi. How do they relate to the covenants and the OT narratives (group activity#2)?

Week 6 (Optional or combine with week 7)
The inter-testament period and rise of five world empires (time line presentation#2). Discussion of covenant and the promised Messiah.

Week 7
Intro to the New Testament (video#3*). The Gospels as narrative of Jesus. Matthew thru Acts. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; growth of the early Church.

Week 8
The Epistles (letters). Local churches and the power of relationships. Romans thru Jude. The Apostles’ influence, theology and practice (group activity#3).

Week 9
Apocalyptic literature. The power (and consternation) of drama and symbols in communicating hope. Revelation and various biblical passages (group activity#4).

Week 10 (optional or combined with week 9)
The Bible for today. How did we get the Bible as we have it (video#4*)? Getting the most out of the Bible: personal devotions, corporate worship and guide for living.

*Discovering the Bible DVD, (Christian History Institute 1995), narrated by Russell Boulter.